Daily: 14.00 – Open End

Briedestrasse 44, 40599 Düsseldorf

The Route Sauna Club Dusseldorf

Dolce Vita is located in an accessible area in the direct vicinity of the Autobahn (motorway) A46. By using the Route Sauna Club Dusseldorf on motorways A3, A52 and A57, you can visit us from Essen, Bochum, Cologne and Dortmund.

FKK Club Düsseldorf Dolce Vita: Easy reach from the Niederrhein

Even those guests who come from the Niederrhein region can easily reach us after driving just a few minutes! If you live in one of the towns surrounding Düsseldorf, you don’t have to put up with the lack of a decent night life, our club is just a few minutes away and well-known to the local cab drivers.

Find us quickly with the Route Sauna Club Dusseldorf

By using the Autobahn, our neighbors from the Netherlands and Belgium can also join the party and enjoy the company of up to 60 beautiful ladies!

Du musst mindestens 18 sein, um die Dolce Vita Saunaclub Düsseldorf Website zu betreten

Zutritt nur für Erwachsene