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lucrative advantages for our guests

Hello, dear friends and regular guests of the Saunaclub Düsseldorf Dolce Vita.We reward you with lucrative advantages, in which you can celebrate great and valuable priveleges with club loyalty.

The Silver Card from the Düsseldorf FKK Club Dolce Vita

Every guest has the opportunity to have the Dolce Vita Düsseldorf Sauna Club Silver Card handed out free of charge. The card is used to collect rewards.

• with registration you will be credited with 10 points
• consumption is rewarded with one point per 5 €
• between you will get surprise points
• after every 10th visit, the next entrance is free!

The Gold Card from Dolce Vita FKK Club Düsseldorf

From 300 collected points, you become a VIP Member and receive your Gold Card

As Gold Card Member you get…

• …10 € discount on the entrance price
• …free entry every 10th visit
• …free entry at our party events

The Platinum Card from the Saunaclub Düsseldorf Dolce Vita

• from 600 points onwards, you will get your Platinum Card
• afterwards you always have free entry at the Dolce Vita Düsseldorf FKK Club
• from now on, waiting times at the VIP room are a thing of the past
• you automatically have a place reservation in the VIP area

With this completely non-committal reward system, we would like to say thank you to our regular guests and look forward to diligent points collectors.

Your team from Düsseldorf Saunaclub Dolce Vita..

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