A guide to writing coursework

The first stage in writing coursework is always working with sources. Every research paper writing service works with sources because the educational standards demand it. Luckily, we have a concise guide for all steps of writing a coursework.

Source selection

If you are writing a coursework, it is worth warning that will have to work hard. First, you will have to make the choice of sources, and it is not an easy task. You may have to actually walk to the library and find what you need to work in the reading room. But you may be lucky and manage to get by the literature posted on the Internet.

What sources can be used officially, with citations?

  • textbooks on relevant disciplines;
  • journal articles (very desirable);
  • other scientific works;
  • abstracts of candidate and doctoral theses.

Using coursework and term papers of other students as official cited sources is not allowed, but you can still use them as sources of inspiration and use their bibliography sections to look for sources.


Next comes the creative process. It is similar to writing school essays, so if you have that skill, it will come in handy. It is quite possible to complete coursework in a few days. Exact quotations in the coursework should be correctly cited. However, you will have to rephrase most of the texts in your own words. This does not mean that the text is written from scratch. You should use a simple but effective scheme:

  • At the beginning of writing the main chapter, you should compile 2 or 3 different approaches to the topic.
  • Find differences between them and describe them in your own words. If there is a scientifically competent analysis, great. Confirm your own conclusions.
  • Indicate which problem is not solved (or is solved incompletely) by any of the approaches.
  • Describe this as a set of theses.

The main chapter of the coursework is ready. It is possible that this material will be divided into two chapters. It depends on the nature of the questions. The main part of the coursework should contain a description of the latest developments in this direction and a description of their novelty and elaboration. Ideal coursework should contain some student conclusions on the substance of the problem and practical suggestions.

Introduction and conclusion

Introduction and conclusion to the term paper are written after the completion of the main part. The introduction describes many formal things that are often misunderstood by students: goals, objectives, methods, as well as the subject and object of research.

If you do not get them either, you need to understand that:

  • The goal is set using words: study, definition, identification.
  • Objectives directly follow from the goal and are expressed by verbs: study, explore, analyze, identify.
  • Methods are easy to find in any training manual.
  • The object of the study will serve as a slightly rephrased name of the coursework.
  • The subject is the process taking place in the outside world at the manifestation of what is being researched.

In the conclusion, you write that the goal is achieved and repeat the objectives from the introduction using an affirmative phrasing, describing them as complete.

As for the bibliography, this is the most formal and regulated part of your coursework. You must have access to the necessary style manual (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc). This manual describes everything related to the formatting and style, and, particularly, contains precise instructions on writing a bibliography sheet. These instructions must be followed to the letter. The style manual also contains the required format for citations. Make sure that all citations in your coursework are formatted correctly.