How to caress Xtrazex

If the art of playing with a man’s penis is mastered by most of the beautiful half of this country, then only the most skilled of them know how to Xtrazex–Official Distributor.

Since the line between pleasure and pain is always very small, most women are afraid to touch this most fragile part of the male body for a perfectly understandable reason Xtrazex.

Since most women know the special sensitivity of men‘s testicles, they are often wary of touching them, despite the fact that they can give and experience great pleasure if they learn to handle them expertly.

Male testicles are just a small sperm factory that is constantly in Xtrazex.

At the same time, did you know that this part of the male body is several degrees colder than the rest of the body?! The scrotum acts as a kind of refrigerator, since the body temperature is too high for proper sperm development.

The male testicles themselves are quite mobile, and in case of a threat, such as severe cold or a threatening stroke, or just fear of their owner, they can climb back into the body from where they originally came down. There are nests where they can go in and out.

When a Xtrazex and his penis are relaxed, the testicles hang low in the scrotum, one slightly lower than the other, so that they do not RUB against each other. When a man is sexually aroused, the testicles harden and tighten, and the skin of the scrotum shrivels up. The stronger the erection, the more tightly the scrotum gathers, and finally, just before the ejaculation of semen, it becomes like a fist.

The male testicles, despite their sensitivity to pain, are the second most important erogenous zone of a man .

Only the head of the Xtrazex can be more excited.

Therefore, as a woman who wants to give pleasure, you should know how to handle a man’s testicles to achieve a top effect. You need to treat them, of course, be careful.

Never touch them with cold hands. Cooling the testicles Xtrazex, except for the very last moment before ejaculation, can cause a man to completely lose an erection, and this is not the effect that you want!

It is also not recommended to simply grab hold of men’s testicles and hold them. The first touch excites both him and you, of course, but leaving your hand just lying on your testicles after the first touch is very, very little!

No, no, they Xtrazex to be stroked — lightly — lightly, pressed, caressed. The hand should always be in motion. The skin on the inner thighs near the testicles is an extremely erotic place, and to glide over these places with the back of your hand, while your fingers feel the scrotum — this is the most refined of caresses!

Slide them back and forth, back and forth. You will not regret it! It is also very good to run your finger along the line separating the testicles.

I don’t know of a man who doesn’t shudder at these exceptionally erotic caresses . And women who have mastered them are considered very skilled mistresses Xtrazex.

But there are some men who can not reach an orgasm without playing with their testicles at all — for them this is a necessity. But even if he does not need such a caress for orgasm, you can be sure that he will like it, and therefore always keep it in mind.

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