How to take good photos

To take good photos, you do not have to be a professional photographer or have special talent. Everyone can learn this art. There are certain secrets that teach how to take a good photo.

1. Optical center. Ever since the past, when photography was a special luxury, there is an unreasonable rule that the main object should be placed in the center. Photos with the main object placed to the side, above or below look very interesting. If such a composition is inappropriate, you can use the rule of the so-called "golden section". This method will help you harmoniously “fit” the main subject into the composition of the photograph.

2. For any photo, it is important to be able to properly create a sense of perspective. This will allow you to form an idea of ​​the true proportions and sizes of all the components of the photo. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the real and conditional lines that are present in the photo.

3. Moving objects must be fixed in such a way that they are directed to the center, and there is no feeling of emptiness of the photo.

4. A good photo should not be filled with meaningless components. Therefore, do not leave empty spaces around the main object. Try using the zoom and you will see how much more full the photo will seem.

5. In a good photo, balance must always be maintained. Contrast photos are considered original, but still we better perceive correctly combined images. Therefore, it is better to refuse to take photographs of several very bright colors and many incoherent objects.
6. Stylish and original look photos with natural frames. They can be windows, trees, hands, etc.

7. Avoid photos in poor light. Natural or professional lighting is the basis of any good photo. Inappropriate light is already an unsuccessful photograph. In low light, you can try using the flash. But often this method leads to the exposure of the photograph. Therefore, it is not recommended to count on such a technique.

8. The main object should not merge with the background or get lost. It should be well presented and stand out.

9. Well and most importantly - it is worth experimenting more and looking for your own individual style. Originality and interesting design are the main signs of a successful photo.