EVE Online: The Second Genesis: Friv Overview

In the spring of 2003, IMOs were as far from the tops of the video game market as Moscow was from Buenos Aires. One hundred thousand subscribers were considered an excellent result, half a million - a fabulous Olympus, which one wants to climb so much, it is only a pity that he is a fabulous one. There was a year and a half left before the release of World of Warcraft , and I would not be surprised if then less people were chasing all MMOs than now - in one WoW. Play online games on the friv games site with the whole family. Only the best online friv games friv2online.com are presented on this mega portal.

But even against the background of this far from mass-scale IMO, the launch results of the space MMORPG EVE Online, released in May, were depressing: twenty thousand subscribers could only be enough for bread and water for a small team of developers. It is not surprising that Simon & Schuster Interactive , which provided publishing support for the project, suffered only until December, and then sold the rights to the development company, the Icelandic Crowd Control Production , nowadays simply known as SSR .

Do gentlemen from Simon & Schuster bite their elbows now, it’s impossible to find out - the interactive department of the largest book publisher has long ordered a long life, and the managers who taxied it ran to other companies. But if they bite, they are unlikely to wait for sympathy - these losers not only missed their happiness, but almost buried one of the most original and successful projects in the history of the gaming industry.

Saying that EVE Online feels pretty good after almost seven years since the release will be an unscrupulous understatement. In May last year, the SSR announced the milestone reached of 300 thousand subscribers, and at the beginning of the current year it was already about 330 thousand. A ten percent increase in users in less than a year - how many new projects can boast of such results?

The game steadily receives a couple of additions per year and is regularly recognized by authoritative publications and resources of the "most-most" on various results. The eventful political and economic life of Eve has repeatedly attracted the attention of the world's largest media. With the constant feeling that serious adults are trying to figure out children's fuss in the sandbox, they suddenly find out that the sand is golden. If the World of Warcraft is perceived by a public far from games as a phenomenon that doesn’t come from, earning a billion dollars a year, then “Eva” is a new form of human society in which the same people seem to live, but they live somehow differently. not like everyone else. And this is at least curious.

The answer to the question, what is the reason for the long successful life of EVE Online , can be shortly and standardly unsubscribed in the spirit of an advertising booklet about a server that is unique to the whole world (except China), about a unique character development system, about a small number of sandboxes on the MMORPG market, more "science fiction" sandboxes, without pop elves and orcs, about space that fascinates and attracts ... But this is not my method. I’m not some employee of the marketing department to press repetitive notes. Therefore, you will learn everything about the game. Or almost everything, because nobody will tell you everything about “Eve”.

There was a time when not only sugar was sweeter, but partisans were thicker, but the races in Eva differed in starting characteristics. But since then, the mill of the SSRenough water has flowed so that developers decide to arrange total equality. Today, the choice of nationality and citizenship of one of the four superpowers (Caldari State, Amarr Empire, Gallente Federation, Republic of Minmatar) affects only the place of birth and a tiny set of practically insignificant skills. Proponents of hardcore and role-playing diversity sank for the sake of order, but, in the end, agreed that all people - brothers (and sisters), descended from one monkey (maximum two), and any national differences, except for appearance and ideological attitudes, would have given open racism.

Along with racial statistics, the starting professional level was leveled - the number of skill points in a newborn was reduced by ten times, but the pumping speed to the first million doubled ... Already not clear? I explain. There are no character levels in EVE Online , only skill levels. Each skill has five, and the abilities themselves still have a level of difficulty. Leveling is in real time, regardless of whether you play or not. The first skill level of the first difficulty level sways for several minutes. The fifth skill level of some twelfth level of difficulty sways a couple of months (and this is not from the first level, but from the fourth). Feel the difference?

The basic characteristics (intelligence, memory, willpower and perception) affect the pumping speed. Each skill depends on two characteristics: one is strong, one weakly. Accordingly, the higher the base, the faster the training. Not two months, but, say, one and a half. A couple of weeks of savings is not a joke. Basic statistics can be improved with a special group of skills (learning skills or just lerings), as well as cyber implants. Beginners are also advised to study lening for the first week or two, while they have a training bonus.

And, most importantly, each skill is numerically expressed in points (skill points). The first level of the first difficulty level is a thousand and a few points, the fifth level of the twelfth level is several million. Accordingly, the level of character development can be calculated by adding all the thousands and millions of all skills. For example, a fighter for a couple of million sp (Russified abbreviation for skill points) is an obvious noob, for forty million - a veteran of about three years of age, one hundred million - a dinosaur, which, quite possibly, made another mockery of Simon & Schuster to promote EVE Online to the masses.

Any newcomer, having barely understood the features of pumping "Eva", runs the risk of immediately falling into a stupor of despair. Like, what the fuck !? Yes, they are me in one salvo of tower guns! And I have a five-year plan to swing to them! .. I hasten to have a session of psychotherapy - your despair is devoid of good reason.

Yes, EVE Online is a meditative game, and there is nothing for fans of all to win in a month. Six months will be spent on saying goodbye to the status of a noob. Another six months - in order to diversify its role in the fleet with something other than catching enemy ships (in order to kill an enemy ship, it should not be allowed to slip off, for which they use tackler ships (English catchers), usually interceptors and frigates holding the enemy with special modules; even one-day beginners can do this). And only after a year you will be recognized ... no, not yet an experienced fighter, but already a pilot who has mastered EVE Online and is ready for serious business.

Salt, however, and Eva pepper is that it does not fly solo in it. For there are no universal ships capable of firing at any rate with equal efficiency to the right, to the street, and to the left, to the lane. You can fly on the expensive and powerful pride of someone else's space industry with large guns, strong armor or thick shields (both strong armor and thick shields in EVE Onlinehappen only in very special cases and to the detriment of everything else). And die from the first oncoming fleet of a dozen monthly noobs, without firing a single shot. Because the noobs will suddenly have a pair of EW Blackbird cruisers, capable of completely cutting down the radar systems of another vessel. And it will remain for the tough pilot in powerless rage to gnaw the keyboard, watching how cheap scrap metal slowly turns into a pile of debris of his handsome.

However, if the veteran is not alone, but at least in the company of three or four comrades, with the right fleet composition, then the result of the battle will be exactly the opposite. But a beginner can fly in a group with experienced friends, where attention will be paid to him last, and in the meantime, he will make his modest, but (sometimes) decisive contribution to the overall success. And those who are not satisfied with the modesty of the mite should think about changing the genre - in MMORPG a draftsman who wants to become a lady should first work hard.

But the narrow specialization and the lack of killer wagons are not the only or even the main guards guarding the peace and sleep of newcomers. The world of Eve is huge (thousands of star systems), and its structure is somewhat reminiscent of the structure of our world ... at the dawn of civilization. There is a relatively small civilized core where life is completely safe, if you follow simple rules. There is some borderland, a buffer where the law is fair, but not very strict, so the pirates there feel like an elephant in a china shop.