Youth fashion brand "Guess"

Guess is a predominantly youth brand. Outfits are famous for their practicality, convenience, and most importantly, their fashionable and elegant design. The Martian brothers love to create simple-tailored clothes, at the same time, not forgetting about modern trends, in the fashion world.
It all began in faraway America, when the Martian brothers got the idea to engage in clothing production. In 1981, in hot California, Marciano opened his first jeans factory. The famous brand was founded by brothers: Maurice, George, Armand and the younger Paul. Four Jewish boys grew up in Marseille, the famous French city. For a long time the brothers could not come up with a suitable name for their company, and one day George exclaimed: “Guess?” (“Guessed?”). The guys asked what exactly they had to guess, to which George replied: "Guess? - that’s what our company will be called." The biggest contribution to the development of the company, nevertheless, was made by only two brothers: Paul and Marcel, about whom a little more needs to be said.
Paul Martiano
The youngest of the Marciano family has made a huge contribution to the global expansion of the brand, and thanks to his perseverance, today the company has a huge number of contracts and Guess offices can be found in more than 60 countries.
Maurice Marciano
Maurice always liked to dress beautifully, since childhood, the boy tried to diversify his wardrobe, coming up with new images, by the means of clothing available in the closet. Therefore, the fact that Maurice is engaged in fashion design is not at all surprising. And it should be noted that he is not bad at it, because during the existence of the brand, the company's profitability has increased hundreds of times.
Woman's happiness
Guess clothing is famous for its feminine dresses and skirts that will instantly transform any woman. Dresses and skirts, for the most part, are sewn from natural and body-pleasing materials such as silk, linen and cotton. For workdays, a fashionable brand suit is ideal. The new collections feature amazingly beautiful costumes that will look good both in the office and at an official event.
In hot weather, on the beach, I want to show off in the most fashionable swimsuit. Do not deny yourself such a pleasure, and you can buy a swimsuit for yourself from the new collection of Guess in the online store. And on warm summer evenings, you can wear lightweight shorts with a colored T-shirt. Especially for this, the Martian brothers developed a collection of various shorts, both mini and longer, but the main thing is a super fashionable style, bright colors and fabrics of the best quality.
Fashion Guess Jeans
If you prefer to wear trousers or capris, in this case, you definitely will like the new collection of Guess. Fashion designers tried to please all customers and now the outfits are made not only in the classical style, but there are also options for younger and extravagant buyers. Of course, Guess jeans - not a single collection of the company can do without them, this year jeans with high waist, with various prints are presented, and jeans decorated with various semiprecious stones are also available.
With the onset of cold weather, there is a need for warmer things. Designers bring to your attention coats and jackets made of natural wool, and mostly calm colors: beige, gray, white, black. For winter colds, buy a warm sheepskin coat or a down jacket, in such clothes you will look fashionable, and most importantly you will not be afraid of any frosts. Do you want to chat with a beautiful girl? We have a huge selection of girls who are always ready to talk on any topic, including live chat on webcam. Communication free live sex chat with girls on our site is absolutely free and without registration. Video chat is a great way to meet random people online. Press start to start video chat with strangers using your webcam.