Walkthrough Timeshift - Mission: Test Labs II

I think you will not be surprised at the fact that along the way you will meet several new soldiers. The easiest way to get rid of them is to stop time. You can also try to pick up your weapons. Do not go straight. Instead, turn left. Be careful, you will meet a new group. Come back and kill the soldiers with the crossbow. Proceed to the central square.

Keep moving forward. Once again, you will have to defeat a small group of enemy soldiers. This time you should consider using a large container for shelter. Choose a powerful weapon from your inventory, because at least two soldiers will advance to your position. Kill them quickly and use your powers to gain an advantage over them. Embark on a new platform (the one they used to get to you).

Once you have reached a new area, turn left and continue towards the forklift. Once there, turn right and go to the stairs. Use the stairs to access the upper balcony. Save your game there (fast!). This is very important because a new group of enemy soldiers will attack you.

The easiest way to win this upcoming battle is to use the time lapse feature. Activate it and enter the new room at the same time. You will have to kill two enemy soldiers. When they disappear, find the control panel and press the button. This activates the wind turbine (carved scene). Wait for the game to give you a new task.

The new goal of the mission: go to the wind tunnel and find the way to the main level

After you press the button, IMMEDIATELY turn around, because one of the enemy soldiers will try to bypass you. Kill him with your suit. As soon as he leaves, go into the second room and deal with his colleague. I highly recommend saving the game here.

Go to the new door. I am sure that you will not have problems finding them. Go to the balcony and take a sniper rifle. Use this weapon to get rid of visible enemy soldiers. They will not be too many, but they will use crossbows, so you must be very careful. You should also use the time lapse feature to take advantage of them.

As soon as all the enemies disappear, drop the sniper rifle and go left. You should find an ammunition box. Go to the next staircase. This will allow you to return to ground level. Save your game. Test your compass and attack some of the nearest soldiers. You must use slow motion during these fights. Play the best friv games this http://www.friv5online.com website.