Do the splits

Stretching ligaments and muscles of various parts of the human body positively affects the physical condition as a whole. Regardless of the goals for which there was a desire to sit on the twine, it should be remembered that the peculiarity of stretching is persistence and patience. If there is no sports training, then it is worth dropping advertising calls to put on the twine from scratch in two weeks. Without consequences for the body, this will not work, and instead of vivacity and celebration on the occasion of achieving your goal, you can spend a couple of months in a cast.

Before starting classes, you need to warm up. The best choice for this would be running or jumping rope. The load on the cardiovascular system will cause the body to quickly enrich muscle tissue with oxygen, and the load on the leg muscles will prepare the ligaments for subsequent stretching exercises. Warming up should begin with a light warm-up and end with it, after which you can proceed directly to the stretching. It is necessary to decide which group of muscles and ligaments must be stretched in the first place. For stretching the ligaments of the lower leg and foot, sedentary exercises based on uniform and constant loads are best suited. You can sit on a flat surface, spread your legs a little wider than the width of the shoulders. Then fix the foot in the hands and, making pulling movements on itself, stretch the ligaments of the foot. This exercise stretches the back ligaments between the calf muscle and the heel. To stretch the external ligaments, without changing the sitting position, put your foot on the knee of the other leg. Bend in and out with strong, but smooth movements, as these ligaments are very sensitive to sudden overloads.
After this, you can proceed to stretching the main ligaments on the legs. There are a lot of exercises for this. It remains only to choose the right one, based on the equipment with sports equipment and the availability of free time. Complete the stretch better exercise "Butterfly". It allows you to use all the ligaments together, thereby increasing the efficiency of training. During stretching exercises in the body should not be stiff. The muscles are relaxed, breathing is even. You should stretch until you have a slight pain. It is a mild, almost imperceptible pain that indicates the process of sprain and tendons. To get rid of the discomfort after a workout, you should take a warm shower. You can repeat the exercises up to 3 times a week, and in 3-4 sessions, progress will be noticeable, and the long-awaited "twine" will be achieved in 18-22 workouts.