Sex between others, as we agreed

Sex between others, as we agreed

A couple of married and unmarried people having only sex.
I met her in the chat, the conversation was quite short but since I read her nickname “Curious Married” and even though we are strangers, it was clear that we both want sex, and the next day we made an appointment.

I recognized her car and, as we agreed, she followed me to the hostel, without talking we went into the room and without more, we started to do what we agreed – try everything her husband doesn’t let her do.

When we first met, she left her tits hanging in front of me, tits that she loved a lot and that at forty long still look good, her agitated breathing denounced the strong experience that this is for her, she knelt in front of me, opened my fly, took out my limb and began to lick, with her tongue passing through each part of my growing limb as if studying its taste, she licked my testicles and when she sprouted she took with her tongue my first drop of honey.
He stood up, looked at me, and told me with a voice of desire, to do everything to me.
I opened her pants and accompanied her as she sat on the bed, lifted her legs, and moved her pants and thong in one go, leaving her white buttocks naked in front of me.
Without further ado, I finished nudging her legs, separated them, and immersed myself between her thighs to lick, for the first time in her life, that vagina that she wanted so badly to be terrified of.

With her tongue, I passed by each part of my growing member as if studying its taste

Before my lips touch her soaking wet vagina a scream of passion came out of her mouth and as I kissed her soaking wet lips her pelvis began to sway to the rhythm of her panting, her clitoris would slip between my lips and I soon felt a large amount of fluid spill from her lips, I introduced my fingers and felt the spasms of a beautiful orgasm, I stopped and from between her mules I looked at her face, to feel that I stopped I look and exclaimed: “Please do not stop, I continued with everything and do not hesitate or questions”.
That saying was for me like the detonator, I raised her legs and put the head of my cock between her lips and began to penetrate her, her tits were shaking to the rhythm that her hips were colliding with hers, she did not speak, she only pant and looked with her beautiful gray eyes and at each penetration, I saw how her pupils were dilating. I felt her juices washing my testicles and my testicles rubbing between her separate buttocks and then I decided to move on to the next stage “Ready for the next thing?” I asked what I answered, “Ready for everything. “Her face turned red, her eyes opened wide and her panting changed to deep breathing. I continued to watch as she pulled out her dick and this time when she came back in, panting from the depths of her visors encouraged me to continue at a gradual pace to conquer her anal sex. The screams increased and when massaging her clitoris again, she entered into another orgasm, which inspired my big jets to spill into her recently devirginized ass.

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