Body scrub, rules for use. Home-made

Body scrub is a hygienic and cosmetic product for the body. The scrub has a pasty texture with small particles. The basis for scrub is a lotion, oil or gel. These ingredients nourish and soothe the skin. The solids in the scrub are designed to cleanse the skin of dead cells, sebaceous glands, sweat.
As small particles, manufacturers use salt, sugar, ground coffee, finely ground fruit seeds, etc.
Scrub is used for:
- Moisturizing and nourishing the skin
-As a means of massage.
-In combination with proper nutrition and sports, massage using scrub reduces cellulite on the skin due to microcirculation of the blood and warming of the skin and fat deposits. Thus, the "orange peel" becomes smaller and visually becomes less noticeable.

Making scrub from improvised tools at home

Coffee scrub. Perhaps the most popular and easiest to prepare. For the base of coffee scrub, you can use a regular shower gel, honey in combination with cream, with various oils (olive, coconut, argan, etc.). To create a “burning” scrub, add ground black pepper and sea buckthorn oil to ground coffee.
Salt scrub. To make a scrub from salt is nowhere easier, it is always at hand. If you mix salt with honey, you get a scrub that removes all toxins from the body. It is recommended to apply such a scrub with patting movements. The salt goes well with sour cream, chopped citrus fruits, honey, oils. Use salt, ground coffee and oil effectively.
Cinnamon scrub. Cinnamon is a less popular product in the home, but using it as a scrub is a wonderful idea. Cinnamon has the glory of a good fat burning remedy. Therefore, a cinnamon scrub is best used in problem areas. Cinnamon can be combined with milk and oatmeal, honey, and cinnamon with salt and olive oil will be effective.
Sugar scrub. Sugar has a brightening effect, therefore it is not recommended for tanned skin. Sugar scrub can be combined with natural yogurt and chopped citrus fruits, cream, cocoa, chopped banana and mango.
Although a scrub is an excellent way to nourish and cleanse the skin, scrub is not recommended daily. Before applying the scrub, it is important to prepare the skin. In no case should you apply the scrub to dry skin, this can cause irritation. It is best to use a scrub when visiting the sauna, when the skin is maximally steamed. Apply the scrub in a circular motion. This is especially true for problem areas. After applying the scrub, rinse it thoroughly. Since the skin after applying the scrub becomes more susceptible, it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream to the skin, so applying the scrub will be more effective.
It is recommended to apply a scrub to the body twice a week. Improvements in skin condition can be noticed after the first procedure, but regular use of a scrub will be more effective.