Tips for completing the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Multiplayer Advice

The multiplayer mode in Call of Duty Ghosts focuses on fast, intense action where there is no realism anywhere. A player who is alien to the Call of Duty series may feel lost, lost in the midst of rapidly changing events, when all players except him seem to know what to do and how to play to avoid disappointment. This part of the guide aims to explain all the problems associated with multi-user mode.

During the game, you will be rewarded with experience points that you get for eliminating your goals, that is, for completing tasks. After you gain enough experience points, you will receive a higher rank, which will unlock part of the equipment available in the game, and will earn you squad points. You can spend these points later, on new weapons, investments in these weapons, benefits, packs of blows, as well as on new characters (there are currently 10 of them), every time you climb the career ladder, you get 2 points + You You can view their number in the upper right corner of the equipment selection screen.

Available modes for multiplayer:

Team Deathmatch - a clash of two units whose purpose is to destroy the required number of enemy soldiers before time runs out or get the most kills before the end of the game.

Cranked is a kind of Team Deathmatch where each kill resets a clock that counts down 30 seconds. If you fail to kill anyone before time runs out, you will die.

Blitz is a variation of the classic Capture the Flag mode. Here, instead of capturing an enemy flag, you need to reach the marked point and hold it, so your squad gets points.

Search & Destroy - the task of your team is to destroy the assigned target. If you die, you need to wait until the end of the round before you are reborn.

Search & Rescue is the same mode as above where your allies can revive you if you die.

Infected - of all the players before the start of the round, one player is randomly selected for infection. His task is to infect all remaining players before the time runs out. The infected will respawn after they die. The condition for the victory of the "living" is to survive until the end of time. The living must stick together and work together if they want to win.

Kill Confirmed is a variation on the DM team. After you have killed the enemy, you need to go to him and collect his personal number in order to score points for his squad.

Mining - fight for control of three flags scattered throughout the map. The more flags your team holds, the faster you score points.

Hunting is another variation of the DM Team, where the player starts with limited equipment and needs to get more out of the drop zones.

Deathmatch (Free For All) - every man for himself. The game ends as soon as the player scores a predetermined number of points or before the time runs out.

Team Tactical - a mode in which players fight in two groups of four.

In addition to the above modes, there are also their hardcore counterparts, which, in fact, are no different from the usual ones - the only difference is the lack of a mini-map and automatic health regeneration. Play best Y8 Games at the website.