Tips for completing the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Safety glasses, suits and firearms

When you start the game, Fisher has only standard night vision goggles at his disposal. By default, sonar glasses are not available, and I recommend not spending $ 100,000 to unlock them, because you will receive them for free after the third mission in campaign mode. When it comes to the remaining improvements for glasses, they are expensive and make little difference. I recommend that you wait with your purchase until you have completed all the most important purchases.

A very important problem is to wear the best available combat suits, because, depending on the accepted style of play, this will help you effectively hide or win direct battles with enemy forces. The three most important components are torso, pants and boots. I recommend that you regularly purchase additional enhancements for your costume from these three categories. It is worth noting that the best elements for the costume are unlocked only after you complete the additional tasks assigned by Grim (for the Ghost and Panther styles) and Briggs (for the assault / attack). Buying more expensive gloves is not a priority, although you should know that better gloves make it easier to handle firearms. You can completely ignore the category of Lights, because it has a purely aesthetic value.

If you want to complete the game in accordance with this guide, I recommend that you postpone the purchase of firearms, because you are not going to use it during the passage of the main campaign mode for a single player, because you find it useless. The best weapon only makes sense in the case of additional missions. Buying a new pistol is not a key issue, and instead it would be better to consider acquiring a better secondary weapon. If you want to avoid killing enemies at all costs, you should consider the option of a machine gun or a sniper rifle. Otherwise, you must invest in an assault rifle of great firepower. Regardless of the models that you are going to choose, remember that some of them are initially unavailable, and only after purchasing the appropriate updates can you buy already open gadgets.

The latter is a special weapon. By default, Fisher has only a stun gun, that is, a medium-range weapon that paralyzes with an electric shock, since this is his only function. I recommend unlocking the crossbow as soon as possible and buying all the available updates for it, although this can be expensive. Crossbow - the perfect gadget for vile activities. Its main advantages are its long range and versatility, because thanks to various improvements it can be used to stun with electric shock, lull, divert attention and send charges of electromagnetic radiation. This means, of course, that a crossbow can easily replace up to four standard gadgets. Here you can communicate and make new acquaintances live chat porn video Unfortunately, you have no models in your friend list.