Stay Safe And Cozy During Sweater Weather!

Most of us love the "sweater" weather and if you are not yet familiar with the expression - let us explain!

We are of course referring to the season when you can pull out your old warm knitted sweater and don't care if it's fashionable or even in your size. We just love the cozy feeling of wearing that same old sweater winter after winter. And why wouldn't we? After all, we get the chance to cozy up in cool fleece sweaters, paired with wide-leg cropped trousers and the coolest shoes to complete our little fall and winter outfits.

The cold season sun is equally powerful and potentially harmful for the eyes, so adding a huge pair of shades will definitely frame any outfit. Not to mention the pumpkin lattes, cinnamon-scented candles, and raked leaves in the backyard to make your mornings more pleasant.

But comfort and safety should go hand in hand. Wear your comfy sweater with some sturdy shoes and make sure your home is safe as well You cannot feel entirely cozy and comfortable in a home with front door locks that have not been inspected in ages or windows that don't really close.

Sturdy but trendy feet-wear to go with your cozy sweater

Your sweater may be older than you but your shoes shouldn't. A good sweater only becomes better as it ages but the same can not be said for shoes. Yes, quality matters but still, your feet deserve a new pair of sturdy boots or booties for the winter. There are many trendy low-heel boots that are safe for the winter climate. These days you don't have to compromise on fashion to be safe. But it's not only when we go outside we want to make sure our feet stay warm. Also at home, we should invest in some good, warm home shoes to make sure not to walk directly on the cold floor. 

Home ideas for safe and cozy sweater weather

One popular fall or winter ritual is to install storm windows as a way of getting your place ready for sweater weather. Keyed window sash locks are great options. These can be easily fitted and released in seconds, and they can add more peace of mind to homeowners. They are used on aluminum, vinyl, as well as double-hung windows. They are made of heavy-duty zinc die-cast for extra strength and sturdiness. They also feature childproof designs. But there are other types of window treatments you could apply to enhance security for your home. Storm windows are special windows installed outside or inside of the main glass windows. They can significantly improve thermal insulation, as well as soundproofing. They can also cut monthly energy bills in case you have less efficient main doors. They are made of glass, rigid or flexible plastic panels or sheets. They can be mounted permanently or temporarily. If you live in an area with a cold climate, you will take advantage of the noticeable energy upgrades. Interior storm windows can also be visually obstructive. This can be used as an advantage, as they can act as deterrents against burglars.

Vertically hung window latches are another good choice. They work well with both single and double-hung windows. They feature anti-jemmy studs and they are made from metal for long-lasting use.

Add beautiful curtains or drapes to your windows around the house. Make sure they will keep you and your expensive belongings safe from the curious eyes of potential burglars lurking around. You should also take care of your dead tree limbs that could help potential home intruders find the perfect hiding place. And if you live in an area prone to burglars, make sure you start the winter by inspecting your home alarm sensors and batteries as well. The safer your home is during the cold season, the better you can cozy up on your favorite sofa, snuggling up with your favorite Aniza pillows.

Safe and Cozy time to play some games or watch some movies

With your cozy sweater on and your feet tucked down in warm socks or home shoes, it's time to cuddle up under the blanket and enjoy a cup of hot tea. Maybe you have someone you love to join you under the blanket and what is better than to watch a movie together. Being alone is also quality time and you can use it to do something you enjoy for your self, like playing a fun game of online bingo or perhaps a video game. Just grab your mobile phone, make sure it's charged and get down under the blanket playing your favorite games until the summer is back.